(EN) bareMinerals free-powder mineral foundation “Original SPF 15” in “Fairly Medium” #C20

  • Pros: From medium to high coverage, enough lasting and wide range of shades, which perfectly fits with every skin tone.
  • Cons: If you apply too much -even a little bit too much- foundation, your face will look chalky.
  • Price: €29.90 in Sephora Store and online at

Good morning beauties and happy first Fall day! How are you? 🙂
Today I’m dealing with a typically summer, or whatever this season -expected to be summer- actually is, HT (Hot Topic): mineral foundation. Yes, even I, greatest lover of the fluid foundations, particularly of this one*, in summertime I’m used to putting it in the drawer and taking out a mineral powder foundation.
But I still haven’t become a Ego-organic Queen’s devoted follower, I swear! However, I admit that during the summer a powder foundation is the best pick for my skin, which literally regurgitates every liquid foundation or BB cream because of warmth. Moreover, if it’s a mineral powder foundation, it just lets my skin breath.

In general, my skin has got few imperfections: some small blemishes, especially in “that period”, few dilated pores, and almost non existent blackheads. But maybe precisely because I stop using liquid foundation and start wearing  mineral powder foundation everyday for 3 months a year, at least, my skin has not yet been consumed by those horrible things mentioned above, according to Her Majesty’s Proclamations. Or maybe it’s all a genetic matter, in this case, thanks Mum! But so far, it’s still a mystery.

Focussing again on more serious matters, I wasn’t sure if I should buy Neve Cosmetics mineral foundation, which perfectly fits with my skin tone and it’s a very good-working products, or pick something new. The question is: better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know, or not?wpid-20140923173644780.png

In the end, I chose to try a new product, even because I had received a discount at Sephora, as I told you in a previous review. Effectively I bought this foundation on the same occasion I bought this eyeshadow* and several unbelievable facts occured at Sephora Store in Modena.
Anyway, I took the chance to test something of the worldwide famous mineral make-up brand bareMinerals; I heard about their mineral foundations on Erikioba’s channel, a couple of years ago.
A special mention and big kiss go to Erika, aka Erikioba, both because she’s one of my favourite Youtubers and because she really takes care of the relationship with her followers, despite her followers’ number. I don’t believe she reads my blog, but who cares…she could always accidentally end up on my blog, so Erika it’s all your “fault”. 🙂


This foundation presents the typical minimal-designed packaging of mineral free-powder foundation: a 8gr plastic pierced jar with a rotable top. My shade is C20 “Fairly Medium”, even if I was not properly enthusiast because this tone looks like salmon. But all the other lighter shades tended too much to a strong yellow skin tone, not to mention the ill appearance that a yellow skin toned foundation can give me.
Once applied, the colour perfectly matched with my skin colour, so there were neither ill aspect nor chromatic dismatch.
N.W. colours displayed on Sephora website are not faithful. 

I’ve been using it almost everyday since May and I think I’m going to use it till it gets colder, but in the case of  particular events requiring high end long-wear and impeccable performance, I go back to the Lancome one. The first times I applied it on my own, I wasn’t satisfied at all with the final result on my face: my face was too chalky. Then I started measuring it out and appreciating it also by noticing how perfectly it blends with my skin. Its coverage is a medium-high one, not as high as my adored Teint Idole Ultra but small blemishes and dilated pores are easily well-covered. In case of serious blemishes or imperfection a good concealer is essential before applying the foundation. This product is quite long-lasting, but this characteristic is closely related to weather conditions: in a very hot, hot day, you have to retouch your foundation about 7 hours later its application. If there are not particularly high temperatures, there should be no need to retouch your make-up, even after 7 or 8 hours; anyway, my forehead usually becomes a little shiny after all those hours (I have got combined skin).

Its application and finish are modular, but the brush you use, not the quantity applied makes the difference. You must measure the powder out very well, however you would get a softer finish or you could fix a liquid product, such as a BB/CC cream or a liquid foundation, with it by using a powder brush. Using such a brush will give you a softer result than with the use of a kabuki brush, but not less valiant.

By the way, some of you might object that €29.90 are too much for barely 8gr, but I can assure you this foundation is covering and a small amount of it is enough for a good make-up base, so costs will be amortised. I’ve been doing it well with such product, that is also a multi-functional one: both foundation and powder. But I’m perfectly aware that there are other products with similar properties, but lower price.

I’m not able to tell you if I’ll buy it once again or test another brand’s mineral foundation, even though this is a good one, because I like to try new products, …who knows? 😉 But if you’re looking for a very good mineral foundation, just reckon with this one because of its wide range of skin tones, especially when you got a Sephora discount, just let it have a try.

That’s all folks! XOXO ❤

*Only Italian review available!

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