(EN) The Ultimate Autumn Challenge Tag – Autumnal colours week #2

Hi beauties and welcome back!

Today I’ve a very nice tag for you, that I’ve discovered on Emozioni. Au.‘s blog. Actually this tag is made of weekly challenges, all dealing with several aspects of Fall. This tag was created by two bloggers and here there are their 2 blogs, so you can read all the rules if you’re interested: Consigli di Makeup and A.G. What’s in my bag.

I start participating in this week challenge, challenge #2, about make-up. So I’m gonna show you an autumnal colours inspired make-up. So let’s see what I’ve done and used.

I’ve added skin-care products too, because a good make-up needs a good base, not just high-quality make-up products.
Are you curious about it? Then just

Here’s the list of the products I’ve been using for this tag:
moisturiser with red wine, Fattoria “Le Terrazze”;
“Studio finish” concealer in NC30, M.A.C.;
eye-base “I ❤ stage”, Essence;
shimmer bronze eye-shadow (inner corner of the eye), palette H&M;
shimmer copper eye-shadow (palpebra mobile), palette H&M;
lip liner “Precision” #308 (crease), Kiko;
mono eye-shadow #008 (crease), Flormar;
mono eye-shadow “Midnight Kiss” #29 (crease), Sephora;
“Teint Idole Ultra 24” foundation, Lancome;
free powder “Invisible Powder”, Kiko;
maxi blush “Silky effect” #19, Collistar;
aloe vera lip-balm, Equilbra;
“I’m” #407 lipstick, PUPA Milano.


Below you can look at my job. I took inspiration from the colours of autumnal leaves and fruits, such as pumpkins, pears, grapes. I’m well aware of how daring this make-up could appear, as I’ve put the stress both on the eyes and on the lips. But daring sometimes is really cool!

What do you think about my Autumn inspired make-up? Leave a comment below and let me know, please! 🙂



I know deadline was yesterday, but WordPress was not really cooperative. So, sorry for being late! All of you are tagged, if you want to join the tag. 😉
XOXO and see you at the next review! ❤


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