(EN) The Ultimate Autumn Challenge Tag – My autumnal nail polishes week #3

Welcome back beuties!
Today’s the day of another challenge of the lovely “The Ultimate Autumn Challenge” tag, in particular this is week no. 3 (here‘s week 2). Subject of the third week is nail polish, our favourite autumnal nail polishes. But this is actually a challenge for me, since I’m not a nail polishes fanatic.
To be honest, I’m that kind of girl who really doesn’t worry about wearing a fuchsia nail polish in the middle of fall.

Thinking about this week’s products did take me a lot of time. Maybe my choices will not appear something new or incredible to you…in any case, aren’t you eager to discover which nail polishes I’ve selected? Yes? So, take a look at my choices! 😉

After an initial hesitation and several second thoughts, I came to the conclusion that red and plum nail polishes are those I usually wear the most. And I honestly do believe these are perfect colours for the fall season: red is such an evergreen nail polish colour, I do love purple and all its shades (plum included). But I also like putting weird colours on my nails, such as orange (clue: Halloween).

Before starting, I have to specify I’ve been selecting these polishes on the basis of the colour, not of their performances…as you can read right below.

  • Red: yep! Red is the new black (or white) for me, it works good with almost every make-up or outfit. My favourite reds are those by Chanel -not those with an orange tone, I mean red reds!-, but I know they are quite expensive. So, I’ve been looking for a worthy cheap alternative and insofar the best for me is no. 114  “Femme Fatale” by Essence, with no doubt;
  • bordeaux: some of you may say this is just a shade of red, but I consider it as an almost totally independent colour. It’s a passepartout, absolutely perfect for the fall/winter season. PUPA Milano no. 604 gives a precise idea of what I mean with “bourdeaux” and has got a fair final result;
  • plum: could I really not mention something related to purple? No, I could’t. Another autumnal season must-have of the recent years, it comes in tons and tons of shades and finish: light, dark, glossy, matt, semi-matt, duochrome…and whatever finish or shade you can desire! I do love nail polishes of this colour which is definitely  better than black ones, in my view. The colour of Yves Rocher no. 108 “Prune” is a perfect example of the perfect plum shade, but unfortunately its final result on my nails looks terrible: even if I put the nail polish dry-drops and wait more than a hour (a hour, 60 minutes!), it’s never dry! >.<
  • orange: well yes, orange too. Have you ever seen those leaves which during fall season don’t become either red or yellow, but orange? Because I have, and I do love them! Haven’t you forgotten about Halloween traditional pumpkins, have you? That’s exactly why I’ve put orange in this tag, in particular that by Flormar. 🙂
  • **special mention** “Tulipe Noir” #457, Chanel: it was part of a limited edition, so now it cannot be found now. Two my (by now ex) friends gave me this as a gift and it was love at first sight. Its colour was amazing and unique, it looked like almost a duochrome, and depending on the lights it’d seem changing colour from bordeaux to purple. I loved, and still love, it in spite of everything. Thanks to this nail polish I’ve slowly stopped biting my nails, because you should must have decent nails with such a colour. I’ve never found something similar insofar, have you found some cheap dupes? *_*
114 Essence, 108 Yves Rocher, 604 PUPA Milano, Flormar.
Taken from Laquerista.

That was all about my favourite autumnal nail polishes! I’m not crazy about nails, as you may have understood; anyway sometimes I like taking care of my hands and wearing a touch of colour.
I do apologise for my recent, almost absolute absence but some health problems plus academic commitments are impeding my work here and on the Facebook page. Have a little more patience because it’s a very, very, very busy moment for me and I can’t be as regular as I’d like in publishing articles.




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