(EN) Beauty-recipe: pre-shampooing hair treatment mask DIY

Welcome back here, beauties!
And happy 2015!! How were your holidays? I hope you had a great time, I had mine too… they were full of peace and joy, but they ended too quickly! 🙂

So, I haven’t been often in touch during the last period – I apologize but this is a very particular moment in my life and it’s requiring me the highest concentration, that’s why I’ve put my blog aside- but I’ve been keeping on testing new products (you’ll see next) and on trying new beauty-recipes for our DIY spa.
Today I’ve prepared for you an hair beauty-recipe. Writing this post I realized how much I’m nuts about hair care and treatments since I was a child (that’s because my mother teach how important hair care is), but also I still haven’t written something about hair and hair care. Then, between August and September I’ve had very bad hair days: my hair got dirty, greasy and heavy in a couple of days, something unusual and never ever happened to my hair! 😦 So, after looking for some information in the Net, I’ve discovered a Facebook group: I capelli sono lo specchio dell’anima* and it has definitely blown my mind! Due to that group I’ve made my step from products with silicone to those with an admissible INCI, looking forward to move to organic hair-care products. So I’ve been using almost entirely** products with an acceptable INCI since the last 3 months and getting used to have some home hair-care treatments.

Pre-shampooing hair treatment mask w/ honey, cocoa powder and cinnamon

Ingredienti: 2 spoonfuls of honey, 1 small spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 small tea-spoonful of ground cinnamon, 5-6 lemon drops, hot water as required.

Put the ground cinnamon and the cocoa powder together and mix them in a bowl. Then add honey to your mix and the lemon drops, mix them well. In case of a too thick mixture, add some hot water as required to have a creamy hair treatment mask. Damp your hair and apply the mask. Cover your hair and just enjoy you pre-shampooing hair treatment mask for a couple of hours, at least.
Wash your hair following your ordinary routine until there’s no trace of your mask.

The more you let the mask on your hair, the more it benefits your hair. But I have to tell you that this treatment might let your hair look a bit more darker than usual, due to its ingredients: I use this treatment not just to nourish my hair, but also to light my natural hair glare. So it looks more nourished and shiny, lighter, softer, full of copper glares, less tangled. Also my scalp benefits this mask, I feel it deeper-cleaned, but these aren’t the only benefits from this home hair-care treatment! I’ve noticed it takes longer to my hair to get dirty, even though I usually wash my hair twice a week. And last, but not least…what a wonderful smell it has! 😀
I generally have this mask every 10/15 days, since I’ve not specific hair problems. But if you have greasy or messy hair, some girls add an egg (yolk), wine vinegar and/or cornflour to this recipe, which might be a lil’ bit too much for mine.

So, that’s all beauties! This is my most used pre-shampooing home-made hair treatment mask. It’s very simple and efficient and it’s made of ingredients we all have in our cupboard. Have you got other home-made hair-care treatment? Will you try mine? Let me know in the comments below!

*This FB group is in Italian.
**I can’t hadle turning from the Collistar Hair CC cream.



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