(EN) “Chocolate Marshmallow” face mask, Akamuti

  • Pros: perfect for combined, oily or with several blemishes skin; delicious smell. Short setting time and a very good value for money.
  • Cons: it may take a bit to remove.
  • Price: €10.90/70 gr online on

Hello beauties!

This review is about the other and last product, bought on and part of this haul*: Akamuti “Chocolate Marshmallow” face mask.
Akamuti is an English organic brand, born few years ago and still not well-known in Italy, but really promising and that’s why I’d like to try other products. 🙂

My skin is a combined one, oily (especially in the T-zone), but very sensitive…so I’m always looking for products against that shiny face! But I’m trying to keep an eye on those products I use everyday or I regularly put on my face or body. So I went for this 100% natural face-mask, that so many girl just love.

It’s a completely organic product and made of:

 Organic Fairtrade Cocoa, Pink Clay,  Rose Powder, Marshmallow Root Powder, Organic Crushed Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Cupuacu Powder.

I wasn’t sure about this product, because it costs €10.90 for 70 g of powder, but now I’m glad of my purchase because you a very big amount of product in there, at least. When you open the jar, the first thing you will notice -or should I say “smell” instead- is an amazing chocolate smell! So it may look and smell just like cocoa powder.

Apart from its amazing, tempting smell, this mask is really easy to use. Instructions are given on the bottom of the jar: just mix a tea-spoonful of this powder with the same amount of still water or distilled rosewater, apply this mixture on your face and then let it on, until the mask is completely dried or until your face gets warmer. But anyway never leave this mask on for more than 10 minutes.
Honestly I usually change quantities: I put an half tea-spoonful of powder and another half tea-spoonful of still water. Or I’d throw away too much mixture, although I usually apply it both on my face and on my neck.

I mix the powder with the water and then I put it on my face, and wait till it completely dries. I don’t use distilled rosewater because the very first – and only – time I used the distilled rosewater, I couldn’t let the mask on for more than 1 minute because my face was literally on fire!
It perfectly dries the oily zones and blemishes on my face! I use this mask not more than once a week, otherwise my face’d get literally dried-up. Before this mask I’m used to doing a home-made scrub (honey, brown sugar and olive oil, or brown sugar and coconut oil).

It’s a very good product for oily and combined skin, I’d not recommend it if your skin type is normal or dry. So buy this mask only if your skin type is oily or combined or if you have several blemishes. It’s not either the answer to all my/your skin-related problems or a magic rub, but with the usage of high-quality products specific for oily or combined skin my T-zone situation has definitely improved: it gets less oily in more time.

The only disadvantage I’ve found is that it’s really, really hard to rinse out…almost a challenge.  It takes a very long time, because you’ve to insist on its edges, where it dries the most. But I think that it’s easier to remove with hot water, than with the cold one. Moreover, sometimes I still find traces of the mask on the towels, even if I think it has been completely removed. That’s why I usually run a cotton disk with distilled rosewater through my face and then apply my moisturizer, these are essential or my face’d be completely dry.

Shall I buy it once again? Honestly yes, unless my lust for new organic products pushes me towards something new. Have you ever tried this or other products from Akamuti? And, how was your experience? 🙂 Leave a comment below and let me know!


* Only Italian version available.


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