(EN) “Reve de Miel” ultra-nourishing lipbalm, Nuxe

Hi beauties!
Today I wanna talk to you about one of my last, most loved buy: the Nuxe ultra-nourishing lipbalm, “Reve de Miel”. Although I do drink a lot of water everyday (more than the expected 2 litres), I’ve got really dry lips. And the steady wintry weather in Emilia Romagna from January to March did not help my poor lips, at all: chapped and cut lips in spite of lip-scrub and my faihful Equilibra lip butter stick. I was with no hope because the situation was getting worst and worst despite scrub and my coconut oil and honey lip treatment.
One night I was watching a Essie Button’s “favourites of the month” video and she started talking about this ultra-nourishing lip-care product and how fantastic it is and how it has saved her lips. So I started looking for some reviews about this Nuxe product and it is quite famous in the UK. Since I was definitely at rock bottom, I decided to give it a try.


Outside the pharmacy I couldn’t hung in there, I had to try it immediately: it was a very cold night and my lips were all cut. It soothed and softened my lips.

By applying this treatment every day and night, I saw my lips less “fragile” in the long term and it’s a sort of pellicle-remover, without being a lips-scrub. Besides applying it night and day, I apply a layer everytime I wear a matt lipstick to not have glass-paper lips. Even though it is an extremely nourishing and moisturizing product, matt lipsticks dries up my lips.  And this is way I always have my lipsave  with me (the Equilibra one with aloe).
I’ve tried this as a base for a DIY lip-scrub with brown sugar and honestly that was a good idea: it’s not too liquid-textured, so it does not trickle all over my face. But it’s easy to apply.
Within this product there are: beeswax, almond oil, shea butter, grapefruit and rosa mosqueta essential oils, vitamin E. But this is not an organic product, there should be also some silicone, actually, but I don’t demonise not completely organic products, as you may know.
By the way, I cannot confirm or deny the presence of silicone because my Mum threw away the package with the ingredients list, as soon as she saw it in the bathroom…as usual. :/ I was forced to go by memory and to have some research on other blogs, looking for the entire, updated inci. What’s been said so far is what I’ve been able to “re-construct”.
The only imperfection of this product concerns its packaging. On one side the pot is with no doubt aesthetically fanciful compared with a stick. On the other, it’s not the most suitable solution concerning both the hygiene and the practical side. As long as I stay at home I can use my hand, ‘cause I can wash my hands before and after the layer. But when I’m outside I can’t wash my hands any time I need to, that’s why it’s not so practical…what a pity!
A creamy version in a little tube or a stick one would be the best solution, in order to bring this with you wherever you go. In any case, I’ve dealt with this by using this treatment night and day, also before going out. Going out, I always take with me the Equilibra stick lips alve with aloe vera, so I can keep a high level of hydration all day long.

I think it’s an excellent product in order to have extremely soft, hydrated lips…and it has got an absolutely terrific smell! A sweet citrus and honey-like smell, not sickly sweet. At full price it’s not at all a cheap product, but honestly you need a very small quantity to moisturise your lips. You will end the pot in a quite long time.
I’m quite sure I’m going to buy another pot, once mine is ended, because this is the very first product which has been giving me such good results on my lips in the short term, too. Yes, I’m not gonna give it up! 😉
So I do recommend this Nuxe product, if you’re not a organic-productaholic and if you really need an intensive lips care product: it’s definitely the best lip care treatment  I’ve ever tried until now!



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