“Teint Idole Ultra 24H” foundation, Lancôme (updated)

Welcome back beauties!

Today’s review post is sort of revival, because I’m gonna show you the Lancôme “Teint Idole Ultra” liquid foundation. Not the 18H version, though. I’m talking about the new foundation cream: the 24H one. This latest version turns out to be the outcome of further research by Lancôme. However, what does this research show us? Duration (Lancôme says 24H…a whole day, ladies!), result and range of shades. This foundation looks like the best answer even to the hardest to please requests.

If you have followed my blog for some time, you should know I do love this foundation because it looks wonderful on my face and I’m not just talking about its performance.


Let’s start by saying that I’ve got a very light skin tone and I’m neutral, but slightly pink toned. My main issue has always been to find the right foundation in the right shade, which perfectly matches with both my neutral toned skin and my pale tone. Indeed, until a couple of years ago except for M.A.C. and few other professional brands, even the most worldwide famous brands used to sell exclusively yellow toned foundations in Italy. That was really a pity, because my face always looked different in colour from the rest of my body: my face used to look too much yellow with an unhealthy, dull complexion. As well as looking awfully cakey!
Luckily, things have changed and some brands became aware that in Italy there are not only women with medium/dark skin tone and yellow toned, but also those with a very pale skin tone and pink/neutral toned, too. Like me. Lancôme and Chanel were the first luxury cosmetics brands to enlarge their shade range for those among us who are pink or neutral toned.

Teint Idole Ultra 24h comes in the classic glass bottle with a pump dispenser. My shade among those available in Italy is #02, Lys Rosè, a very light, neutral, slightly pink toned shade, as its name says too. The finish of this foundation is semi-matt, but it gives glow to your face, anyway. Its liquid texture proves to be so fresh and comfortable on your skin and perfectly blends together with it, erasing dyschromia and small imperfections. It has a full, but extremely buildable coverage: you can apply this foundation twice (do not forget to fix each layer with your powder), but your makeup won’t look cakey!

My first step is applying my concealer on my eye circles, my eventual blemishes, and whenever needed and fixing it with some powder. The second step is applying small quantities of this foundation on my forehead, my cheeks, my nose, and my neck and then I blend them all over my face with a brush. My most-loved liquid (and free powder) foundation brush is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush: this brush will definitely give you a uniform layer and a perfect coverage.
If my face still needs to be more evened out despite the concealer, I just tap a very small amount of Teint Idole Ultra 24h where needed, until it perfectly blends together with the rest of my base. Thus, my skin looks uniform and even and most of the blemishes are hidden – I do this because I really don’t like wearing too much concealer.

Honestly, I’ve never wore it for 24 hours …so I can’t tell you if it actually lasts 24h. Anyway, I swear, it’s really long-lasting: one of the first time I tested this foundation, I applied it around 8 am and it still was on my face (almost perfect) at 2 o’clock in the morning of the next day! On that day, I spent most of my time outside home and it was pouring down all day long, just to give you an idea of how long it lasts: I ate, drank, talked (a lot!), chased after the bus, and went out with a friend in the evening. I had never retouched my makeup during the day…I mean, 16 hours with no retouch in a very intense and long day! I think it’s not bad, well…to me it’s like a miracle, since every foundation I’ve tried until now has never given me such a result, not even Teint Idole Ultra’s previous version.

In my view, the only disadvantages with this product are my nose, which gets anyway shiny, and the ingredients. About the first problem I can honestly tell you I can cope with a little bit shining nose (especially when it gets shiny after 10 hours), since my skin is combined and my T-zone usually gets shinier with every foundations despite the powder. The other issue is not so bad at all (in my view) because I rather concern myself with the ingredients list of other cosmetic products, such as cleanser, face mask and cream, etc., than with the ingredients list of foundation. Anyway I know that many of you concern with this, so I’m gonna say just a couple of things about its ingredient list. It is neither an organic foundation nor one with “acceptable” ingredients, I know. It has not at all natural ingredients, so if you’re looking for an organic or “acceptable” foundation, this is not your product. On the other hand, although I’ve been using this foundation every single day (except for summertime) for more than 2 years, the amount of my large pores has not been increased, as well as my occasionally occurring blemishes.

I hardly believe I will stop using this product for an “acceptable” or organic foundation, because I’m totally addicted to its second-skin effect, covering small blemishes up.

In my opinion, this foundation is suitable for many skin types: dry, normal, combined, and oily. If your skin is dry, this product will help you to hide the chapped and dry areas of your face due its liquid and comfortable texture. While, if your skin is combined and tends to get oily as mine, this foundation will make your skin softer, but not oily. It contains a SPF 10 too, which is quite low…better than nothing, however.

How the shade #02 looked on my face on my graduation day. 😉

So far, I’ve never mentioned its price, which is undoubtedly really high. However, if we compare the time it takes me to end a single bottle of this foundation (a little more than a year) with its cutting-edge performances; this foundation is absolutely a steal!
Do I recommend it? Definitely, I do! Shall I buy it again? Yes, of course…actually I’ve already bought a new bottle, since I’ve almost used up the one I bought last year.

  • Pros: excellent performances and a wide shade range, fitting every undertone and skin tone. It is long-lasting and it feels comfortable for the whole day. It doesn’t even highlight your dry and chapped areas.
  • Cons: my nose gets a little bit shiny (after several hours); its ingredients.
  • Price: about €42.90 (30ml) in Sephora stores.

And what about you? Have you ever tried this foundation? How was your experience? Leave a comment below and let me know! I hope this review will help you, see you to the next one!



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