(EN) XXL Haul La Gardenia and Maquillalia (Shiseido, Maybelline, I Provenzali Bio, La Gardenia, Geomar, Garnier, I <3 Makeup)

Hello everybody!
This is such a wonderful moment for my beauty purchases, as you’re gonna see in a bit due to this haul. Well, few days ago I went to shopping with my Mum at La Gardenia and we had some “little” purchases. While the very next day my order on Maquillalia.com. So I decided to write a haul-post and to show you all my last purchases, including those from Sephora and Lush, too (just before flying to Oporto). So there are a lot of beauty categories: hair, body and skin care, and make-up.


Let’s start with La Gardenia. We were spasmodically looking for Mum’s umpteenth goldie/bronze creamy eye-shadow. But we realized the trend for this summer is not creamy eye-shadow, since very few brands have made creamy eye-shadow: there are very few colours full of glitters. Actually there is a poor colour range, colours are low-pigmented, but full of huge glitters. They’re all about the glitters. 😦 But there’s always a brand which is also a lifeline when it comes to creamy eye-shadow, with a wide colour range, from the most typical and nude ones (gold, bronze, etc.) up to the most colourful, craziest ones (lime, blue smurf, etc.), and an excellent quality: I’m talking about Shiseido, ladies! Shiseido didn’t let us down even this time. Among its wide eye-shadow colour range we pick a old gold/bronze, slightly shimmer colour (hey Chanel, have you ever heard about slightly shimmer creamy eye-shadow?): number BR709. I didn’t go crazy for this colour in its own pot, but once I swatched it was…WOW! 😀
The next step was finding a good mascara for my Mum. She has got very dark, quite long and curved eyelashes…so you might ask me what’s the matter? Well, in my opinion, her eyelashes are really fine: 0 volume. And I do believe there are no better mascaras than the Maybelline ones! The only one I’d compare to them is the M.A.C. Zoom Flash mascara (its review’s upcoming). Even though I love the Maybelline Rocket Volum’ mascara (here), I pushed my mother to buy The Colossal Go Extreme! Volum’ in its waterproof formula, the one with the yellow packaging and the blue signs (really sober, isn’t it?), because of the hot temperatures in Italy. *Is it just me who is going to melt?*
Obviously I couldn’t avoid buying some haircare products (have I told you I’m obsessed with the good INCIs, haven’t I?). First of all, I bought  the I Provenzali BIO organic hair treatment with Sapote for a strengthening action, because on the FB group I capelli sono lo specchio dell’anima* a lot of people are crazy for this product. So I decided to give it a try and I hope it restores my hair and gives it strength. I see and feel it quite tired, even though I don’t know why, ‘cause I’m not particularly stressed at the moment. And I also found the Garnier UB conditioner with cocoa and coconut oil -I’ve got also its shampoo, but I prefer the one with almonds and lotus and I hate the UB almonds and lotus conditioner.
Now, let’s move to my body-care purchases at La Gardenia. I found the Geomar Thalasso Scrub on sales (€12.90)!!!! I’ve been hesitating insofar because this scrub is very, very expensive, although I once tried its single dose and it was great! I hope the full size will be as great as the smaller one.
My body-care shopping at La Gardenia ends with two shower gels by DocciaNatura; one is a soothing, relaxing shower gel with ginger, the other is a citrus fruit scented, energiser one. The ginger scented one has got a really unique scent, which somebody may not like; this was a my Mum’s choice, but as she smellt it she said it smelt like “kebab”- I can’t understand why it smells like “kebab” according to her…WHY?!- but I can’t wait to give this shower gel a try. The citrus fruit scented one has got a more “traditional” scent, of course, and I’ve already fallen in love with that scent – I hate eating oranges, lemons and similars…but they’re so good as parfumes! So, I can’t wait to use this two body washes. *.*


Now let’s move to my online purchases on Maquillalia. I was really longing for some beauty products on this site. I’d been uncertain on which products to pick, but in the end I ordered two I Heart Makeup eye-palettes. The first one is a little, compact palette with a large mirror and the holographic cover…I’m talking about the #SELFIE palette (€3.24 on sale). Here there are 10 nude colours (3 matte, the others shimmer), which are perfect both for a daytime makeup and for a sexy, intense smoky-eyes, too. During my pre-purchase research I discovered there are many girls who talk about this palette as a cheaper, littler, and more compact version of the UD Naked palette.
The other palette I bought it’s the Geek palette (€5.00 on sale). It’s bigger than the previous one, with a wider mirror and the same holographic cover. But it’s 36 colours go from the most classic, nude tones to the craziest, most colourful ones, such as a bright orange or a pop fuchsia. Their finishes are different, we’ve got matte, shimmer, and metallic colours. So, I can’t hide I can’t wait to try this colours and realize some summer, colourful makeup looks.

Ok, this is the end of this XXL haul, I hope this was interesting and helpful for you. Please let me know in the comments below, if you’ve ever tryed one or more of these products.



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